Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Do you know how loved you are?!

Each class has been uniquely designed to enhance your bond whilst helping with baby's development (including developing their body awareness, flexibility, coordination, early communication skills and social interaction) and supporting you in your journey as a parent. Classes offer an opportunity to make new friends while focusing on your own well-being. 

These small and friendly classes and 1:1 sessions include:

  • Baby Massage
  • Yoga-Cise for Mums & Babies (including postnatal exercise, Pilates, elements of Baby Yoga and Baby Massage).


Looking to do something beautiful with your baby?

Does your baby suffer from wind, colic or constipation?

Would you like them to sleep for longer?

Come and bond with your baby and learn techniques to soothe and settle and help with many digestive discomforts.

My baby massage sessions are suitable from four/six weeks until crawling. I offer private group courses and 1:1 baby massage sessions too.

Baby Massage benefits can include:

  • Aids digestion, relieves wind, constipation and colic
  • Strengthens your bond and encourages interaction
  • Relaxes and calms both you and your baby
  • Helps your baby feel loved and secure through skin to skin contact
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and birth trauma
  • Relieves a baby’s blocked nose and eases teething discomfort
  • Encourages your baby to sleep more deeply and for longer by promoting relaxation
  • Raises the levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby (which in turn can help lactation in breastfeeding mums)
  • Helps develop body awareness, flexibility and coordination.
  • To enquire about prices and availability, contact me for more information.


A unique class which blends postnatal exercise and Pilates with elements of baby massage and baby yoga.

Along with all the joy and excitement a new baby brings, this time is also one of the hardest. Finding time to bond with your baby, relax and de-stress, feel healthier, deal with aches and pains, and get ‘back in shape’ while protecting your postnatal body are common challenges faced by many new mums. Yoga-Cise classes are designed with these aims in mind.

Sessions are suitable from when you have both had your 6/8-week GP check-up until babies are actively crawling. (It is advisable to wait until you are 10-12 weeks postnatal following a caesarean section.) I offer private group courses and 1:1 sessions too.

For Mums, Yoga-Cise can help you to:

  • Reconnect with your core and pelvic floor
  • Regain core strength
  • Improve muscle tone and strength after pregnancy
  • Get ‘back in shape’ by using safe and effective exercises and stretches
  • Reduce stress after a difficult or traumatic birth
  • Calm your mind and help you to feel relaxed.

For Baby, Yoga-Cise can help:

  • Develop baby’s body awareness, coordination and flexibility
  • Common ailments (including regulating the digestive system to help relieve wind, constipation and colic)
  • Relax and calm your baby which in turn may lead to better sleeping patterns
  • Provide the basis for bonding and encourage interaction
  • Stimulate their senses
  • Explore movement through gentle stretches and in a variety of dimensions, including facing forwards, backwards, upwards and even downwards!
  • Strengthen, balance and nurture your baby’s ever-changing body
  • Develop confidence and trust between parent and baby.

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