Welcome to Bodyscape Therapies and Pilates! 

I’m Debbie, a qualified Pilates instructor, massage therapist, Reflexologist and baby class instructor based in Oxted and Limpsfield, Surrey. 

I aim to create the balance in life that so often we find difficult to reach on our own.

At Bodyscape Therapies and Pilates, I aim to help you find balance in life that can sometimes be hard to reach on your own. 

With a range of holistic services, including Pilates, Massage and Reflexology, I am committed to providing a nurturing environment where you can find relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

I understand that each individual is unique, and I tailor my treatments and sessions to address your specific needs and goals. 


Restore, rebalance, and align your body through dynamic, graded Pilates exercises. 

Strengthen your core, improve flexibility and enhance your posture as you are guided through a series of tailored movement patterns designed to increase strength and stability.

Sessions include:
•  Matwork Pilates
•   Barre Sculpt
•   Clinical/Restorative Pilates
•   Pilates for Runners
•   Pregnancy / Postnatal Pilates
•   Pilates for Menopause


Relax, restore and rejuvenate. From Swedish to Deep Tissue and Sport Massage, I offer a variety of massage techniques to cater to your specific needs. 

 The therapeutic value of massage extends far beyond relaxation. It works with your body’s own natural movements to help keep your body in balance.

Fully qualified and experienced therapist offering:
•  Sports and Remedial Massage
•   Deep Tissue Massage
•   Well-Being Massage
•   Indian Head Massage
•   Pregnancy Massage
•   Postnatal Massage


Explore the benefits of this natural therapy.

 Reflexology focuses on applying specialised massage techniques to stimulate specific reflex points on the feet or hands, helping to restore balance, promote relaxation and overall wellness.

Fully qualified and experienced therapist offering:
•  Reflexology
•   Reflexology for Menopause
•   Conception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Reflexology.
 Home visits available upon request.

Baby Classes

These small and friendly classes have been uniquely designed and offer an opportunity for baby massage or Yoga-Cise for Mum & Baby (including postnatal exercise and Pilates with elements of baby massage and baby yoga).

Small, friendly classes, private groups and 1:1 sessions include:
•  Baby Massage
•   Yoga-Cise for Mums & Babies (including postnatal exercise, Pilates, elements of Baby Yoga and Baby Massage).

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